Our Initiatives

Suryodaya Foundation

Team Suryodaya helped identify locations within the villages dig deep ccts and also widen existing river beds to collect rainwater and increase groundwater levels. They planted samplings simultaneously to help develop green zones that will attract rains in the future. Read More

Suryodaya provided them with cattle, subsidized seedlings, and knowhow to tackle the impact of unseasonal rains along with counseling against any drastic measures that they would take when they were unable to pay back loans.  Read More


Stationery Notebooks and supplies have been distributed time and again to needy students. Three Schools in Ratnagiri damaged by excessive rains were repaired and restored by Suryodaya.  Read More

Founder Anuradha Paudwal has donated a neonatal care units to Nanavati Hospital Mumbai. Anuradhaji and Suryodaya have worked with the Starkey Foundation in Hyderabad and donated hearing aids to the kids from economically challenged families. Read More