Vision and Mission

Suryodaya Foundation was established to identify and inspire community centered models for water conservation in severely water challenged districts of Maharashtra. These models encourage participation of local communities, educational institutions and their studentsas social interns, corporate organizations, donors and policy makers to support the water discovery and conservation programs.

Suryodaya’s vision is to ensure continued availability of water for human consumption in all habitats, support rural ecosystems, discourage migration and uprooting of local communities caused by lack of basic amenities like food water education and employment.

Suryodaya's mission not only includes programs for discovery of newer sources of water and conserve existing sources but emphasis is laid on creating suitable and innovative long term storage structures and encourage optimal water consumption practices so that the unfortunate spectacle of recurring water deficiency does not occur every year.

Suryodaya's program, efforts and pioneering models have received widespread recognition among communities, media and policy makers.

Suryodaya's programs, efforts and pioneering models have received widespread recognition among communities, media and policy makers which have positioned Suryodaya as one of the most innovative and pioneering NGO s in its sphere of activity. Suryodaya's model is also expanding across other states ofIndia, which is helping to drive the core mission of making the entire country self sufficient in water.

Suryodaya Foundation has also recently ventured into education by rebuilding of operational schools impacted by natural calamities. This program is currently running in state of Uttarakhand thereby expanding the national presence of Suryodaya Foundation.

Our Achievements

Suryodaya Foundation

Suryodaya Foundation has completed various water discovery and conservation projects across Maharashtra.

Suryodaya Foundation provides agricultural related support to farmers through Farmer Agricultural Support Drive.

Suryodaya Foundation is running many joint drives with various educational institutes in Maharashtra.

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Springs found at various kundas in Mahur

While doing desilting of kundas, number of springs were found. About 1,00,000 Cu. Mt. work of desilting was done. This will increase storage capacity by 100 million liters per year. Water recharge increased by 300 million liters per year.