Raj Shekhar Joshi

Shri Raj Shekhar Joshi is IIT Roorkee alumnus with degree in Computer Science. He has over three decades of leadership experience in various Indian and global companies as President, Senior Vice President, Director, entrepreneurial co-founder etc. He pioneered technology based learning programs in alliance with top Indianacademic institutes like IITs and IIMs. He is past member of National Working Committee of Electronics and Software Promotion Council, promoted by Ministry of Commerce, GOI, Member of Global Electronic Publishing Committee of a global publishing company among others. He has authored articl in Technology Publications, leading dailies like Economic Times and also contributed to thoughts of usage in technology in judicial reforms and in public policies of Government of India. He hails from Uttarakhand and is actively involved in social causes specially in education like rebuilding of dilapidated schools, cleanliness infrastructure rebuilding and educational drive in schools, improvement in educational delivery in Uttarakhand and has been involved at national level for cause of education at policy level through large non-governmental educational organizations, communication of nationalist thoughts, and water harvesting and conservation drives. He is currently based in Mumbai.