Water Conservation

Depleting water level is a global concern, but for a country like India with a population of 1.366 billion (2019), apprehensions are obvious. Many Indian states have been largely hit by draught and spatial variation in rainfall, besides reducing water levels in local rivers. The Marathwada region in Maharashtra has been getting an average annual rainfall from 800 to 1000 mm.

Suryodaya Foundation has on the forefront of delivering water harvesting and conservation solutions for the masses through its massive projects. Some of our successful projects, include –

  1. Construction of storage tanks of 5 Crore Liters capacity for Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded (MH), 2019, covering campus area of 595 Acres. This project has been directly benefited students, faculties, and other residents of the University.
  2. Planning and development of farm ponds for Bhillu Naik Tanda Tal. Loha Dist. Nanded (MH), covering four villages, namely – Nandu Tanda, Rupla Tanda, Harishchandra Tanda and Bhillu Naik Tanda. Our project has directly benefitted the villages of these villages, with increase in surface water storage capacity to 14 Crore Liters.
  3. A project to deepen ‘Nala’ for Wadepuri village for restoration of water, located in Vadepuri Tal. Loha Dist. Nanded (MH). The project directly benefited villagers and residents of Wadepuri village.

Besides these projects, Suryodaya Foundation has worked in many Marathwada districts, covering projects in Dapshed Tal ( Loha Dist, Nanded), Dattamanjari Tal ( Mahur Dist, Nanded), Matruteerth Tal (Mahur Dist, Nanded), and Nandu Tanda Tal (Loha Dist, Nanded). Saraswat Bank, Solar Industries India Ltd and Indorama Charitable Trust are our proud doners, and we have found assured support from JCB India Ltd.

It has been our earnest endeavor to bring solutions for the Marathwada region, which has been grappling with water scarcity for years now. Suryodaya Foundation looks forward to offering water harvesting and conservation solutions across India, directly focusing on states and regions that need immediate attention.

Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University – A model project

Our water conservation effort at Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University is a perfect model for universities and colleges in the Marathwada region that are already grappling with similar water shortage.

Suryodaya Foundation intends to help in teaching & including students in water conservation projects, so as to offer solutions that are practical, feasible, and germinated from experience. We appreciate inputs and ideas of everyone involved, who have largely aided and helped us in achieving these projects.

We will be happy to share more on our projects, which include multiple successful ventures in Maharashtra.